<em>Rx Garden: Sticky Ends (spiral)</em>, 2012 <em>Rx Garden: Sticky Ends (6)</em>, 2012 <em>Rx Garden: Sticky Ends(2)</em>|2010 <em>Sticky Ends (2)</em>(detail), 2010 <em>Rx Garden: Sticky Ends 1</em>, 2009
RX GARDEN (2010-2014) 2010

The Rx Garden: Sticky Ends series of sculptures explores contemporary issues in pharmaceutical production. The term 'sticky ends' refers to the practice of gene splicing, which alters the DNA of an organism. This process is used to grow various plant, animal and human proteins in host crops, that are harvested and converted into drugs. The sculptures are constructed of multiple species of wood joined by synthetically colored resin.

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