<em>Untitled (Etoposide Phosphate)</em>|2010 <em>Untitled (VePesid)</em>|2010 <em>Untitled (VePesid)</em>|(detail) <em>Untitled (VP-16)</em>|2009 <em>Untitled (Digitoxin)</em>|2009 <em>Untitled (Taxol 2)</em>|2008 <em>Untitled (Taxol 6)</em>|2010 <em>Untitled (Taxol 3)</em>|2008 <em>Untitled (Taxol 5)</em>|2009 <em>Untitled (Alakaban-AQ)</em>|2008 <em>Untitled (Vinblastine 2)</em>|2008 <em>Untitled (Etoposide)</em>|2008 <em>Taxol (Yew)</em>|2010
DRUG PORTRAITS (2009-2012) 2009

Rx Garden explores the relationships between the body, nature and medical world. It includes a series of gouache on paper portraits of plant-based drugs.

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